Disinfecting our butchery

Covid-19 Safety: Disinfecting our butchery with ZOONO®!

It’s up to all of us to collectively do everything in our power to slow the spread of Covid-19. As further precautions we are disinfecting our butchery with ZOONO®. There is no doubt that the strong public health measures adopted by the Government against the second wave of the spread of COVID-19 are urgently necessary. As a result, Classic Namibian Delicatessen strongly supports these measures. Therefore, we ask our customers coming to collect their orders, to keep a distance of one square meter from each other. To wear a mask at all times.

Hygiene precautions and disinfecting our butchery.

Disinfecting our butchery

ZOONO® enables us to adhere to strict hygiene sterile protocols. Therefore, providing confidence that our environment is micro-biologically safe.

We use Zoono South Africa as our surface sanitisation service and disinfecting our butchery. It allows us to offer the necessary hygiene-critical precautions to protect our staff, our customers and our premises from Covid-19 and many other diseases. We’ve chosen ZOONO® because it offers an anti-microbial protective barrier on top of routine cleaning.

Long-lasting and environmentally safe.

ZOONO® protects against a range of other viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, mould and yeast. Destruction is immediate and ongoing. Once applied, ZOONO® skin & surface sanitiser stays active for up to 30 days protection on surfaces and 24 hours on the skin and does not wash off. As a result, routine cleaning can continue and does not disrupt the Zoono molecule or its antimicrobial activity. ZOONO® is colourless, odourless, non-leaching, environmentally safe, non-corrosive and whilst completely gentle for humans and animals, it is deadly for a wide range of bacteria and mould.