Chilli Sauce

Chilli Sauce Perfecto!d

Perfecto!’s Chilli Sauces will certainly bring extra spice to your dinner. Make sure to get a bottle at our Deli. Tickle your taste buds with these locally produced Chilli sauces from Perfecto! Craft Foods. Ranging from mild to seriously hot, it’s the perfect companion to spice up your Pizza. Alternatively, add it to your favourite Peri-Peri Quarter Chicken braai-recipe. Most noteworthy, it that It’s homegrown and proudly made right here in Somerset West whilst every bottle is handmade with farm fresh chillies. As a result, there are no preservatives added. Each batch is carefully blended to perfection to create the perfect taste experience. Subsequently, we will soon also have our own Classic Namdeli Perfecto! blended Chilli sauce to add to our Biltong Chilli flavoured collection. So watch this space! Perfecto!’s Chilli sauces will also be available to order from our online store soon.