Smoked Gammon


Place your smoked Gammon online order here. Perfect for Thanks Giving and Christmas lunch or dinner.

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Smoked Gammon.

Price is based on R76 per kilogram. Note: The average weight of one Gammon is between 1,2 kg – 1,6 kg each. *Note: the final weight may vary. If the weight varies substantially, we will make it up with additional cuts of meat where possible. While our price list is based on a per kg rate, the price for one Gammon is based on an average weight of 1,4 kg per Gammon.  If you are looking specifically for a 1,6 kg size Gammon please select the weight option for 1,6 kg. If we do not have the exact weight in stock we will notify you.



Weight 1.4 kg

1,2kg, 1,4 kg, 1,6kg