Beef Hamburger Patties


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Beef Hamburger Patties

A lightly spiced 100% Beef hamburger pattie that weigh 125g each.  Select from Green Pepper, Chargrilled, Chilli, Bacon or Cheese infused hamburger patties. Or choose our old-time heavy-lifter favourite, the Steakburger patties each weighing 200g per pattie.


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100% Beef Hamburger Patties

Choose from a selection of different flavoured spiced hamburger patties.

Price is per kilogram based on a weight of 125 g per pattie. Our Steakburger patties are based on a weight of  200 g per pattie. *Note:  Our Hamburger Patties are normally packed in quantities of 8 x hamburger patties and our Steakburger patties are packed in quantities of 5 hamburger patties, therefore a total of 1 kg per order. 

The final weight may vary depending on the weight per patty chosen. If the overall weight varies substantially, we will make it up with additional patties where possible. 

Whatsapp Henry at 071 671 5556  for wholesale or bulk deal prices currently available. Please include product details, quantity and weight required in your WhatsApp.

All specials are valid until stocks last. 

Weight1 kg
Dimensions220 × 130 × 30 mm

Bacon, Chargrill, Cheese, Chilli, Lamb, Steakburger Patties


5 x 200 g Patties, 8 x 125 g patties

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Beef Hamburger pattiesBeef Hamburger Patties
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