About Namdeli Butchery and Delicatessen

Life is too short to settle for mediocre snacks. Indulge in the finest biltong and droëwors at Namdeli. Our biltong and droëwors are simply irresistible. This small shop started out making biltong the Namibian way. Today, we have grown into a top-notch culinary supplier. Our pies are out of this world, and here, you will find all sorts of amazing-tasting braaiwors varieties that will leave you hungering for more.

Classic Namibian Delicatessen offers top-quality biltong and droëwors, beef, lamb, pork, chicken and venison/game meat sourced from Namibia and South Africa. We can trace our products back to the farm of origin. We offer a wide variety of products to cater to the larger market as far as possible. Our knowledgeable team has perfected the preparation of our products, especially the drying process of our dried meats (completely natural), as well as the natural smoking process of our cattle and game products. This process, as well as the origin of our meat, adds a unique taste to our products.

As shareholders, we are all Namibians. Our co-founder team has experience in the relevant industries. Their broad backgrounds cover finance, international trading commodities, and the food manufacturing industry. Having been in the industry for over 35 years, they have accumulated invaluable experience.

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