Chilli Beef Droëwors


All our Beef Droëwors are naturally air-dried.  Choose the weight required. The price is p/kg and based on a minimum order quantity of 500 g.  The recipe used for these dried sausages is similar to that for boerewors, though pork and veal are usually replaced by beef, as the former can go rancid when dried, mutton fat replaces the pork fat used in boerewors. Drying makes the sausage ideal for unrefrigerated storage. Droëwors should not be kept in moist conditions as mould can begin to form.


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Try our new Chilli flavoured Namibian Beef Droëwors.  Place your droëwors online order here.  Likewise, email your order to or click on the WhatsApp link provided.  (Please indicate qty and weight required in your email or WhatsApp message. )

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1kg, 500g

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