Beef T-bone Steak


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Our Beef T-bone Steak is naturally dry-aged and 21 days matured.  Each cut weighs between 350g – 750 grams and can be cut according to your preference.  Alternatively, leave a note with your order to give us your specific cut requirements.

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Beef T-bone steak

Owing to their large size, and as they contain meat from two of the most prized cuts of beef (the short loin and the tenderloin), T-bone steaks are generally considered one of the highest quality steaks.  The T-Bone steak is cut from the short loin and has two different steaks attached to the bone. On the long side is the strip. On the smaller side of the T-bone is the tenderloin.

Price is per kilogram. Select the quantity you want to order by indicating the total g/ kg required in the Qty box.   The selection is based on 500g or 1kg portions.  *Note: The final weight may vary once the meat gets cut. If the weight varies substantially, we will make it up with additional cuts of meat where possible.

Alternatively, just click on the WhatsApp link provided to place your order via WhatsApp. Please indicate qty and weight required in your WhatsApp message.




1kg, 300g, 500g

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Beef t-bone steakBeef T-bone Steak
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