Biltong powder 100g


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A favourite delicatessen amongst our customers.   The price is per 100g portions.


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 Biltong powder

Biltong Powder is finely shredded or ground biltong. It’s amazing on and in so many dishes. For example, heap the powder onto baked potatoes with melted butter or sour cream and freshly grated black pepper.  Melt in the mouth “lekker”.  Biltong Powder can be mixed with cream cheese for a tasty biltong spread or dip. Ideal for making a creamy biltong soup, sauce or used as a sandwich or quiche filler. Sprinkle on scrambled, poached or fried eggs, hot roasted potatoes or salad. Use as a seasoning agent in a creamy salad dressing. It’s also seriously good when eaten on pancakes or scones with honey or used as a seasoning agent on popcorn.

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Biltong PowderBiltong powder 100g
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