Lamb Tails


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Order our delicious lamb tails ( “Skaapstertjies”)  

Lamb Tails are enjoyed in many ways – from being grilled till the meat falls off the bone to being sauteed with a variety of spices. It offers a rich, meaty flavour. This delicacy has a flavour like no other; it’s rich, salty, and bursting with unique taste. There are so many ways to enjoy these; serve them as part of a trio-meat platter (with bone marrow and ribs), as a braai time snack, or we recommend serving them on a bed of soft, buttery polenta.

Price is per kilogram. Select the quantity you want to order by indicating the total required in the Qty box.   The selection is based on 1kg portions.  *Note: The final weight may vary once the meat gets cut. If the weight varies substantially, we will make it up with additional cuts of meat where possible.



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