Kebabs & Biltong Combo


Min Order required for delivery = R500

Kebabs & Biltong Combo

  • 500 g  Steak Kebabs
  • 500 g BBQ Chicken Kebabs
  • 500 g Namdeli Babelas biltong



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Steak and Chicken Kebabs & Biltong Combo

An all-in-one selective combination of pre-cut meats sold altogether at one set price. Mostly pre-packed and ready to go. This Combo consists of specially selected cuts of rump steak and chicken fillets on a skewer. Elevate your BBQ with Namdeli’s Kebabs Combo! Unwrap the goodness of Rump steak Kebabs and Chicken Kebabs. Add a dash of excitement with our 500g Classic Babelas Biltong. 

Note:  The weight may vary. If the overall weight varies substantially, we will make it up with additional cuts of meat where possible.   Specials and Combos are valid until stocks last.  

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