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Dried Devilled Sausage


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Our Namdeli devilled sausage is a mix of chopped air-dried sausage (droëwors) mixed in a spicy peri-oil sauce.  It’s perfect to use with pizza toppings. Adds extra flavour and texture to pasta dishes.  Alternatively, just serve it as a spicy finger snack.

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Why are they called devilled sausages?

The term devilled refers to the use of strong spices.  In the 18th century, more exotic spices started finding their way to Europe. Devilled became a common term for hot and spicy foods. Namdeli’s sausage is a mix of air-dried sausages (droëwors) in a spicy peri-oil sauce.

What are Devilled Sausages?

Normally Devilled sausages are made as a quick sausage casserole in a sweet chilli sauce. They’re often cooked in one pan in a rich chilli tomato/beef sauce. Can be served as a finger snack with fruit such as apples, pears or currants. These sausages are the answer to add texture to your week-night dinners.  Or add some flavour and texture to a pasta dish. It’s quick and easy to make.  A good excuse to use up some cupboard staples.

We found this traditional devilled sausage recipe.  One that we consider the best cooked devilled sausage recipe we could find on the web.  From the award-winning food blogger, Chris Collins.


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