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Beef Sirloin on the Bone


Our Beef Sirloin on the bone is mostly vacuum-packed and Matured (21-30 days). C-grade has more yellow fat.  While our retail price list is based on a per kilogram rate, the price online is based on a minimum of 500g or 1kg portions. Select the total quantity of 500g or 1kg portions for your order.



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Sirloin on the bone steak has all the same premium texture of classic sirloin steak, but keeping the bone in adds extra flavour. It’s a delicious beef cut from further back on the sirloin. It is generally less moist than rib-eye but keeping the bone in helps retain the moisture to get an incredibly tender steak.

*Note: The final weight may vary once the meat gets cut. If the weight varies substantially, we will make it up with additional cuts of meat where possible.

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1kg, 500g

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