Venison Biltong


Venison Biltong variety:

Our venison biltong is air-dried. We provide original flavoured spiced venison biltong. If you have a request for a specific type of venison/game that is not in stock, your order can be placed on backorder and we will source the specific meat required. If it’s not available we will be in contact with you for a replacement order.

The price is per kilogram portions of 500g or 1kg. (Note: 500g is the minimum quantity you can order online.)

Select the type of meat (oryx/any venison), spiced flavour/product variety and the quantity you want to order. If you select any venison we will provide you with the venison meat we currently have available.

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Venison Biltong

Place your Classic Namibian Venison/Game Biltong online order here.

How to order:

1.) Choose from our selection of Classic Namibian Biltong meat variety’s.

2.) Select the type of meat eg. “Oryx” or “Kudu” in the selection box.

3.) Select quantity and weight/portion in the selection box.

4.) Select “add to basket” and proceed to the secure payment gateway.

Alternatively, email your order to or click on the WhatsApp link.  (Please remember to indicate the type of meat, biltong flavour, quantity and weight required in your WhatsApp / email message.)



Meat Type

Any Venison, Kudu, Oryx, Springbok


1kg, 500g


Classic Original Recipe

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