Shop and Indulge in the True Taste of Meat at Namdeli.
Welcome to Namdeli, Your one-stop online meat shop.
From savoury biltong to mouth-watering droëwors, our deli selections capture the essence of Namibia's culinary heritage.
Our commitment to quality and customer service is unmatched.
We take pride in providing only the freshest and tastiest cuts that are sure to please your palate.
We sell wholesale to the public.
Indulge in a wide variety of premium fresh meats that are handpicked by our experienced butchers.
We deliver quality fresh meat in Cape Town.
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Welcome to Namdeli, your go-to destination for the ultimate meat connoisseur experience. As a butchery delicatessen, we pride ourselves on offering the finest cuts of meat and the tastiest biltong in town. With our expanded retail shop and online presence, we make it easy for you to shop and indulge in the true taste of meat. At Namdeli, we are not just your average butcher. We are major suppliers to restaurants, biltong shops, and chefs in the Western Cape. Our ability to provide excellent quality biltong and droëwors in bulk, along with a wide variety of venison meat sourced from Namibia and local South African farmers, sets us apart from the competition.

what we have to offer

Classic Namibian Delicatessen online butchery


Dried snacks

Our selection of biltong and droëwors are expertly air dried with attention to taste and quality. Our range offers a variety of flavours and meat options. Such as boerewors flavoured droëwors, a variety of venison, chilli flavoured biltong stix, babelas mix, and fatties. Our website is user-friendly and hassle-free, allowing for seamless browsing and ordering of fresh meat delivery.

Fresh uncooked beef Oxtail cut Meat on rustic plate with herbs. Dark background. Top view


Want to up your braai game? Great news - our selection has a variety of tasty options. From delicious cuts of meat to unique choices like skilpadjies and sheeps tail, you can impress your guests with different flavor combinations. Make your braai unforgettable and discover a variety of mouth-watering flavors today!

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